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Book Launch and Photo Exhibit to Celebrate Cosplay UK

Cosplay characters

Cosplay characters

London – The very first and weeklong photo exhibition and the book launch of Cosplay Fever Red has been scheduled by Ablaze Media in London on October 21.

The Cosplay scene in the UK has been documented by photographers Peter Lumby and Rob Dunlop for two years. And this year, Cosplay Fever Red showcases lots of amazing photographs of hundreds of kinds of cosplayers.

The world of cosplay consists of weird yet stunning characters, like cyborgs, ninjas, zombies, fairies, vampires, princesses, elves, bounty hunters, caped crusaders, and many others.

‘Cosplay’ simply means costume role play. It can sometimes be surprising how many cosplayers there are around the world. Perhaps each and every country has a group of individuals regularly suiting up and acting or role playing as their most liked characters, whether they are from animations, comic books, video games, or any famous media.

Cosplay is seen by many as an excellent and very creative and artistic way of expressing art, and also a means for so many to meet new people and build friendships. Being a cosplayer is also said to be a perfect form of self expression.

Many western cosplayers have the idea that their hobby of cosplaying originated in Japan. But the truth is that a group of Americans wearing costumes and masks in a parade was the one responsible for the existence of cosplay. A Japanese writer was so inspired by what he saw in Los Angeles and wrote about it. Many Japanese got inspired by the idea, and so they began wearing the costumes of their favorite anime characters.

Cosplay Fever Red is going to be held in Café 1001, which is popular in London for its laid back and friendly bohemian ambiance. It is also located in one of the most popular cultural hotspots in the city.

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