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Former Air Force Officials Speak Out About UFO Sightings

UFO sightings

UFO sightings

A group of former Air Force officials spoke to the press earlier this week, primarily about the experiences they had with numerous UFO sightings they had while on military bases. The reported sightings took place from the 1960’s to as recent as 2007, while many of the men were stationed on dozens of military bases around the country.

According to the men each time there was a UFO sighting they knew the UFO was there to shutdown nuclear operations, such as missiles and power plants. The men did not comment on the origins of the UFOs they simply said they were unidentified and did not look like anything the militaries of the world possess.

The men that spoke were not the only officials giving testimony of these occurrences. More than 120 former and retired military officials gave written testimony that there were numerous UFO sightings which led to the disablement of nuclear missiles on base. All of the men say they were sworn to secrecy by the U.S. government, but they feel it is time the government comes forward with the truth about the UFO sightings. The men are also concerned about the possibility of a lack of defenses. Despite national ridicule that the men are making up the story the men plan to continue with their goals of revealing everything they can.

The group of men plans to do all they can to raise awareness of the outbreak in UFO sightings. They plan to distribute books and declassified government documents which give details about the alleged disarmament of nuclear weapons by the UFOs. The overall goal however is to show the American public that their government is not as trustworthy as many believe; especially given the massive cover-ups that are reportedly going on within the military.

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