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Multiple Mysterious Lights Sighted in Wales

UFO sightings Wales

UFO sightings Wales

World-wide UFO sightings continue this year as a married couple in the town of Machynlleth in Wales reported some mysterious red and white lights in the night sky.

The couple first attributed the unidentified glowing objects to fireworks, but then realized this wasn’t the case. After watching the activity for a few more minutes, they also noticed the pattern of the colored lights didn’t match anything they recognized, such as a jet or other aircraft.

According to the witnesses, the paranormal red and white lights finally disappeared behind a grove of trees. When they tried to find it again after going around a curve in the road, it was gone.

Other people also reported seeing the strange happening and reported that the flashing lights pulsated with a mix of different colors.

This hasn’t been the only unidentified flying object in Wales this year. In the Spring, a young boy on vacation in Wales with his family saw a saucer-shaped object flying overhead. He said it appeared to be about 40 ft long, silvery in color and had large round lights around the bottom. He added that the craft seemed to have the ability to blend into the background similar to a chameleon.

The boy said that this UFO wasn’t empty, as two non-human looking creatures were at the helm that looked like they were made of a gelatinous substance. The fearful child then ran to get his father to show him what he had seen. They both saw the craft and its occupants whirl around and head back into the sky.

Later, the boy became temporarily became blind and showed signs of post traumatic stress syndrome. His father was also treated for psychological symptoms.

China….Wales….and the U.S., who’s next for a visit from E.T.?

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