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New Movie Sparks Discussion on Nazis and UFOs

Nazis and UFOs

Nazis and UFOs

A new movie called “Iron Sky” will soon hit the theaters that suggest the Nazis invented UFOs. Some people, however, believe that idea is more than just a movie plot.

Both the German publication The Telegraph and a British newspaper have printed articles insisting there is evidence to support the idea that the Nazis had a well-developed UFO program.

They base these alleged facts on multiple sighting of unidentified flying objects during WWII flying over Germany. One was even said to be marked with the German military’s Iron Cross symbol. The witnesses who said they saw this craft were certain they had seen it fly overhead on multiple occasions in 1945.

 However, with all of these allegations, no one has ever come forward with total proof of anything actually existing. Scientists have since dismissed the idea and said the sightings were more than likely just the V-2 rocket or something such as ball lighting or airplane exhaust trails.

Still, it’s a known fact that the Nazi scientitst were putting the finishing touches on things like the V-2 rocket, so in theory, a UFO project may have been a possibility. On such scientist, German engineer Rudolf Schriever, was said to have developed a UFO-like engine, but had the plans stolen and was never able to duplicate them.

After the war, the U.S. and Russia managed to end up with the majority of the Nazi scientists and used their services to benefit their own scientific ventures. So, one would think that if such a UFO project existed, they would surely have known about it.

So, whether or not the Nazis had UFO type craft during the war will probably remain a popular topic of conversation when people go to see the Iron Sky movie in theaters later next year

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