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The New Boomerang Generation

No jobs for Boomerang kids

No jobs for Boomerang kids

A new statistic is out that is raising some eyebrows, and causing many college grads to rethink their “after-graduation” plan. It seems that there is a ridiculously high unemployment rate of 15% for ages 20-24, which means that many young adults to have recently graduated from college are now moving back home afterwards, until they can get on their feet and find a way to live on their own. In fact, a recent survey taken by Twentysomething Inc. found that a massive 85% of seniors in college had planned to move back in with their parents after graduation in May.

According to David Morrison, the managing director and founder of Twentysomething, this is a level higher than any seen before. In fact, it seems that moving back in with mom and dad has become more common than trying to find a place to live and get started on a career right after college.

One of these “boomerang” kids, Mallory Jaroski, is 22 and recently graduated from Penn State University. However, she moved back in with her mom after graduation while she was looking for a job. She says that the living situation isn’t too difficult, but she still feels like a little child, with a small bed and a small room. Another of these young adults is Jessie Sawyer, who graduated in May of last year. She moved into her parents home while looking for a job as well. Although she was recently hired as a journalist for The Register Citizen, a Connecticut newspaper, she remains living at home while she saves up enough money to find her own place.

All of these stories are more common than ever before, so much so, that moving back home has almost become a mainstream option for college graduates.

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